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AgCinect provides you with a cloud-based business solution available on your computer, phone, or tablet. AgCinect has the ability to analyze and store data from every segment of a farm. Having data in one place allows for a more comprehensive insight into your operation. With data entered, AgCinect provides the farmer detailed analytics, financials, and reports whenever needed.

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Products we provide

Calving Calendar:

Keep records of breeding and birthing dates to maintain an in-depth head count.  Document each animal by sex, color, and health for quick reference.

Field Tracking:

Keep historical data for each field to help with variable rate application, crop rotation, and seed variety. Make decisions based on data and reliable analytics instead of memory.

Feedlot Management:

Track your feed inputs, doctoring, and cattle pots. Automatically generate itemized invoices with our ezQ technology to remove the painful task of creating them manually. Save time and accurately track your bottom line.

Seed to Sale:

Oversee field inputs from seeding to harvest date. Analyze what expenses were incurred throughout the growing season, and the results from each of your different practices.

Livestock Management:

Monitor your herd without having to get out your record book. Automate feeding cost records, and track inputs by pen or group.  Maintain sire and genetic information for future breeding decisions.

Equipment Monitoring:

Keep track of your equipment by hours, repairs, and allocations. This allows you to see exactly what overhead costs and incomes are associated with specific equipment.

Inventory Management:

Oversee quantities of your stored grain, chemical, and even livestock. Get insights into what commodities are available on your farm for future planning and smarter purchasing decisions.

Climate FieldView™ Partner:

Our partnership with Climate FieldView™ allows data to flow seamlessly from an in-cab monitor directly into AgCinect. No manual entry is needed to upload your field data directly into your data management solution.

Purchasing and Sales:

Document all purchases and sales within your operation to create a detailed record of all transactions. Know the status of invoices to avoid missed collections or payments. Keep historical data for audit trail, insurance, and tax preperation.


Our accounting segment of ezCinect™ OBI helps you keep track of sales, cash receipts, payables, banks,  ledgers, checkbooks, and more!  Generate complete balance sheets, income statements, and other financial reports.

Loan Management:

Maintain a detailed record of all loans within your organization. See due dates and enter yearly payments to get a continuous running balance. Access information about payment history, interest rates, and remaining balance to stay on top of your loans.

Company Setup:

Manage your customers and vendors with easy to access contact information. Enables you to view details related to company contacts as well as employees of your operation all in one location for easy reference.