An evolving industry

The agriculture industry has evolved over the past 20 years at an alarming and pressing rate.  Almost every practice has been changed and improved in one way or another.

I enjoyed the privilege of growing up on an agricultural farm, and have seen firsthand how dramatic this evolution has been. Historically it was good enough to simply pick your seed variety, add the suggested fertilizer and chemical, and harvest what you had at the end of the season. The only crucial thing was earning enough to make your annual payments and move on to the following year.

In today’s market, we understand breaking even is not going to be enough. Productivity and profitability need to be at the forefront of any operation for it to remain competitive. The agriculture industry presents new technologies to farmers at an overwhelming rate. The key for the farmer is to pick and choose which technologies to adopt.


Adoption in the past

I can recall the first time hearing the idea of utilizing cover crops to fix nutrients and develop a solid micronutrient and microorganism environment. I remember thinking this seemed counterproductive.

My initial response was,“Why would you seed more plants on land to increase its soil health?! Don’t plants deplete the soil?”

However, once I educated myself on healthy organic matter environments and understood soil as a complex living ecosystem, the idea made sense. We use different tools and practices over time to improve our production. Once we evolve and become familiar with these new tools, we wonder how we ever operated without them. Recently, farmers and ranchers are turning to data as a tool for smarter decision-making and increased efficiency in their operations.

By capturing and utilizing data, analytics are generated to give a clearer picture into operations. Farms produce enormous amounts of data from field inputs to financials. I know the general record keeping practices an average farmer uses. The little red calving book, the box of receipts for tax or insurance, the spray and application records that are difficult to understand.

  How AgCinect can help

AgCinect is a farm and ranch management solution to help users collect data from all aspects of their operation from sales and accounting, to crop inputs and livestock. AgCinect provides a tool to capture data for an in-depth analysis into production and profitability. By housing all your information in one place, you can utilize your data in meaningful and beneficial ways. Whether recalling seed varieties and planting dates from previous years or checking cattle records to see breeding history for a specific animal, knowledge becomes a valuable asset.

AgCinect gives farmers and ranchers the tool they need to automate their farm, which provides valuable insights and eliminates time consuming tasks. The average farmer is more interested in planting than paperwork, so utilizing AgCinect eliminates the scattered files and incomplete documents. Entering data once becomes a lot easier than maintaining a box of receipts and files with helpless knowledge.

Contact us today to see how AgCinect can help you save time, make more informed decisions, and keep all your valuable information in one place ready to be analyzed and utilized.