About Us

AgCinect is a provider of cloud-based business solutions designed by farmers and ranchers for farmers and ranchers.  Most agriculture apps focus on one area of a farm, AgCinect allows users to efficiently manage data from all aspects of their operation in one place.  Whether your operation is a 15-thousand-acre enterprise or a 15-acre sustainable agriculture entity, we can provide a solution for you.

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How We Do It

Our team is made up of blue collar workers who grew up in farm and ranch communities. We understand the industry needs and we understand software. By combining our knowledge in these two areas, we have the ability to provide a software solution designed to meet the needs of your specific operation. We continuously work with our farm users to evolve and adapt AgCinect features to provide maximum value.

Why AgCinect

At AgCinect, we know using multiple independent solutions is costly, time consuming, and inefficient. Instead of managing one aspect of your farm, introduce an all in one solution powerful enough to handle your entire operation. Keep all your data connected and located in one location for the greatest insight and decision making capabilities.